Card Hub

Using the Marathon Bank Mobile Banking App, Debit Card holders can now further manage their card activity, look up transactions, establish alerts, track spending, and restrict usage. Card Hub is another way to be in control and have added security of your spending. Select “Manage My Cards” from the App to get started.  


Digital Card Info

  • View your digital debit card to see your full card number, expiraton date, and security code information
  • Additional verification is required to access the digital card informaiton for added security

Transaction Details

  • View date and time details of transactions that occured with your debit card
  • See exact details of the merchant where a transaction occured, including the address
  • Interfaces with Google Maps to see the merchant's location, logo, phone number, and website

My Spend – Spending Insights

  • See WHAT your money is spent on, WHEN your spending occurs during the month, and WHERE it is spent with easy to read interactive graphs
  • Track month-to-month spending habits

Click to Call

  • Easily report a lost or stolen card. Doing so will automatically turn off the card and connect you with Marathon Bank during business hours

Alerts & Controls: Transaction alerts done in real time

  • Ability to turn your debit card on or off as needed
  • Set controls based on location so transactions outside your set location won't occur
  • Set controls based on Merchant Types (such as grocery, gas, hotel, retailers, and restaurants)
  • Set controls based on Transaction Types (such as ecommerce, in-store, mail/phone or ATM)
  • Customize your spending limits by setting limits per transaction or even for the month

Travel Plans

  • Notifiy us about your travel plans on the fly via the app - rather than calling in