Cash Management

Business Account Analysis

Make the most of your business banking services with Marathon Bank.

Our business account analysis allows you to offset service charges to your account with an earnings credit that is based upon the balance that you maintain in your account. In addition, you will receive a single statement that summarizes all of the bank services that you use, including balance information and itemized costs used on a monthly basis.  Our account analysis will help you better understand your overall activity at Marathon Bank, making it even easier to manage your account.

Marathon Bank offers a group analysis feature to manage more than one account. Group analysis can be used to combine business accounts, allowing the balance in one account to offset the service changes from another account.  Each month, you receive a statement that summarizes the information for each account, which allows you to manage your money more effectively.

Online Cash Management

Marathon Bank makes banking easier with our Online Cash Management service. Manage your cash flow, balances and activity, and conduct transactions conveniently online. Our Cash Management program allows you to transfer data to a spreadsheet program, accounting software or other accounting applications. Contact a Marathon banker to see what software is compatible.

  • Access standard reports and create customizable views
  • Export your data to spreadsheets, word processing or online accounting packages
  • Control downloads of account data
  • Administer system setup and security
  • Call toll-free (844) 864-7330, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for dedicated customer service support.

Service Options

Information Reporting Services include:

  • Previous Day Reports
  • Detail and Transaction Report
  • Detail and Summary Spreadsheet Data to Export
  • Current Intra-Day Reports
  • Detail and Transaction Report
  • Balance and Float Report

Transaction Initiation Services include:

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Stop Payments
  • Wire Transfers

Remote Deposit Capture

Our Remote Deposit Capture service, available for business banking clients, allows you to make deposits electronically from your office.

Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture

  • Consolidate checks and deposits from your office or multiple locations
  • Expedited funds availability and access balances more quickly
  • Deposit checks any time, anywhere you have secure internet access
  • Reduce errors by validating checks when they are scanned – deposits are balanced before submitting to Marathon Bank
  • Images are archived for easy access – eliminating the need for photocopying checks
  • Export accounts receivable data into your accounting system
  • Reduce risk of check fraud, with multi-factor authentication and encryption

ACH Origination

Marathon Bank offers ACH Origination services for debit and credit transactions. ACH offers an efficient way for your business to collect or disburse company funds electronically, while eliminating the need for paper collections and disbursement. By using this service, businesses can completely automate their collection process and conduct their banking transactions via a safe and secure Internet connection.

To learn more, call or email our Cash Management Representatives today to schedule an appointment at toll-free (844) 864-7330.

Zero Balance Account

Consolidate your corporate checking accounts into one general operating account with a Zero Balance Account. Zero Balance Accounts allow for greater control over cash flow, disbursements and collections.

  • Maximize interest and funds availability
  • Ease workloads
  • Save time and money with electronic processing
  • Simplify reconciliations
  • Minimize the risk of overdraft fees

To find out more about our cash management services, please contact one of our banking specialists at toll-free (844) 864-7330.