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Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention

Information on what to do if your information is lost or exposed

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Important Information for Business Users of Online Services

Business transactions, because of their frequency and dollar value, are inherently riskier than consumer transactions. There has been steep rise of online account takeovers and unauthorized online fund transfers related to business accounts in the last five years.

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Important Information for Users of our Online Services

We will never call, email or otherwise contact you to request your access ID, password, or other log-in credentials for the online services we offer. If you receive such a request, do not provide any information. Contact us at (715)845-7331 or toll free at (844)864-7330 to report the incident.

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Security Tips

Do not share your User ID’s or Passwords with another person or provide them to others. Safeguard your User ID and Password information—never leave the information in an unsecured location.

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