Commercial Loans

Marathon Bank offers a suite of lending products customized to fit your unique business situation. Our professional loan officers have a wide range of credit instruments and knowledge of business practices to help you meet your business needs. Our commitment to understanding your business allows us to make the right recommendations to help your business grow and prosper.

Line of Credit

Ideal for businesses that have short-term capital needs, a business line of credit allows you to continuously borrow and repay as needed from an account with a pre-set limit. It can also help your business manage cash flow and give you immediate access to the funds you need to keep your company running smoothly.

Term Financing

Term loan financing can offer long-term liquidity and is commonly used for remodeling, equipment purchases and other business borrowing needs. A Marathon Bank loan offers the flexibility and convenience of repaying that loan over a longer period of time. Equipment and vehicle loans are available with repayment terms up to 5 years, and owner-occupied real estate loans are available with terms up to 15 years.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Marathon Bank is an SBA Lender and can expedite a decision on your loan request. Our expertise is in providing financing options for individuals looking to construct, improve, purchase or refinance a building for their business. To learn more about SBA loans click here.

To apply: Contact a Loan Officer today to complete the Individual Financial Statement Form. We look forward to working with  you!