Municipal Banking Services

Municipal Banking

Dedicated to public service and promoting local economic development

Marathon Bank understands the unique financial needs of municipalities. Our dedicated account managers work tirelessly to ensure your municipal banking experience is effortless and maximizes your funds and the value of your banking relationship with us.

As the oldest bank in Marathon County, we understand your commitment to representing and serving your local municipality and we strive to provide you the products and services to achieve it.

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Featured Services:

  • Additional Deposit Insurance Coverage through the Public Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • Market Leading Rates on Interest Bearing Accounts
  • Dedicated Account Managers (specialists that understand your business and objectives)
  • Treasury Management Services (including ACH, Account Management, Wire Transfers, Remote Deposit, and more)
  • Business Banking
  • Sweep Accounts
  • Payroll Processing
  • Escrow Account Management

Treasury Management

Marathon Bank’s Treasury Management solutions provide the efficiencies and benefits you need to manage your municipality’s finances effectively. Our dedicated account managers understand your unique challenges and will work with you to find the perfect solutions.
We offer a comprehensive suite of tools, including:

  • Remote Deposit Capture: Streamline deposits and save time.
  • Account Reconciliation: Ensure accuracy and reduce errors.
  • ACH Origination and Processing: Simplify payments and collections.

Contact Marathon Bank today and discover how our Treasury Management services can empower your municipality’s financial success.

Municipal Commercial Checking

Finding the perfect banking partner to streamline your municipalities operations is essential. Our specialized Municipal Commercial Checking account goes beyond just basic transactions. It’s designed to help you manage your finances efficiently, all while saving you time and money.

  • Reduced Fees: Your deposit balances in your account earn credits to offset service charges associated with Treasury Management services, providing a cost-effective solution for your overall financial needs.
  • Enhanced Statements and Reporting: We provide a consolidated monthly statement that clearly summarizes your account balances, itemized transaction details, and all the bank services you utilize.

By choosing Municipal Commercial Checking with business account analysis, you can focus on what truly matters.

Municipal Money Market: Earn Interest on Your Excess Funds

Manage your municipality’s finances effectively with our Municipal Money Market account. This account is designed to meet your unique needs, offering:

  • Interest on Excess Funds: Earn interest on your idle cash, ensuring your money is always working for you.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Enjoy the flexibility to easily access your funds whenever needed.

Maximize Your Earnings with a Sweep Account
For even greater efficiency, pair your Municipal Money Market account with a Commercial Checking Account. We offer a daily account sweep, which automatically transfers excess funds from your checking account into the higher interest-earning money market account. This ensures your deposits are always working for you and helps you maximize your earnings.

Other Commercial Banking Services

In addition to our comprehensive Treasury Management services, we offer a wide array of commercial banking solutions designed to streamline your operations and enhance your financial management. Here’s how we can further support your municipality:

  • Simplified Payroll Processing: Streamline your payroll process by using our Treasury Management Services.
  • Merchant Services: Accept credit card payments easily and securely. We offer a range of merchant services to meet your specific needs.
  • Reliable Courier Services: Never worry about transporting cash deposits yourself. Our secure courier service can pick up your deposits directly from your location.