Savings and Money Market

Whether you need to build a cash reserve, save for short-term goals like a vacation, or set aside funds for long-term goals like retirement, Marathon Bank has the right savings account for you.

We would like all of our customers to be aware that Federal Regulations limit certain types of withdrawals or transfers from your savings or money market account. Withdrawals and transfers from your savings or money market account are allowed if made in person, at an ATM, or by mail. Transfers from a statement savings, passbook savings or money market account to your checking account do have some limits. Your Marathon banker will be happy to tell you more about each account.

Personal Deposit Rates  Apply Online


Statement Savings Money Market Investors Money Market

Mobile Banking

Minimum Opening Deposit

$100.00 $500.00 $25,000.00

Monthly Service and Activity Charges

None $10.00 (if daily balance falls below $500.00) $25.00 (if daily balance falls below $25,000)

Access to Surcharge-Free ATM Networks

Debit Card

Interest Rate

Tiered/ Variable Tiered/ Variable Tiered/ Variable

Interest Compounding Method

Quarterly Monthly Monthly

Statement Savings

With a statement savings account you receive a statement to help keep track of your transactions. We keep things simple, and you never have to worry about a monthly service charge. Open your account with a small, minimum deposit and watch your savings grow.

Money Market

A Marathon Bank Money Market Account gives you instant access to your cash whenever you want.  With our tiered interest rate, the more you save, the more you earn!  Depending on your financial goals a Money Market Account may be the right investment tool for you.

Investors Money Market

Put the power of your cash reserves to work for you. Our Investors Money Market Account leverages your savings with a competitive tiered interest rate, allowing your investment to grow while you retain full access to your funds.